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I apologize, but you’re going to gain one hundred pounds just reading this entry. To justify myself, this was the only meal I went out for this past weekend. So I might as well make it count, right?

5 Napkin Burger has for some reason been on my list of restaurants to try for awhile. It reminded me a LOT of BLT Burger, but they had their milkshakes listed on the dessert menu only, which I thought was a big mistake because I would have had a shake WITH my burger (split with KP, of course). Speaking of – we split this mac and their 5 Napkin burger that comes with melty cheese and onions. I’m sparing you the picture, actually.

SO the mac and cheese was good, if a bit on the soupy side (get your act together, NYC restaurants!) It had a bit of an alfredo flavor, not gonna lie. But I love macaroni and cheese made with shell noodles, probably cause my mom makes this awesome pasta dish with elbow noodles that I love.

AND since it was the Upper West Side at approximately 4p.m. they must have assumed we were having dinner like the rest of the families with small children present, because they handed us a dessert menu and Chloe, KP, and I did not resist:

Chocolate brownie, espresso ice cream, salted peanuts. I told you I made it count.

The other thing I liked about 5 Napkin Burger is first, the walls are subway tiles, and secondly they had two really cool chalkboards covered in cartoons. You can sorta see in this picture:

So I would say go to 5 Napkin if you’re in the hood, but I think I still prefer BLT.

Also: today I’m eating a salad. Maybe.

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Yeah yeah, so I’ve talked about desserts at Blue Smoke before… but that was banana cream pie! This is different!

So… Kelly and I went to dinner with D at Blue Smoke last night. Of course we had lots meat to begin with and I’m realizing I actually don’t eat a lot of red meat usually. I ordered the brisket and when I got my plate I was thought, “Woah, that’s a lot of meat.” Which is good, because I’m not too good or too cool for leftovers.

But for dessert we got chocolate cake and apple crisp. My advice to you would be to get the apple crisp or the banana cream pie that I had last time. Good stuff.

I don’t really have anything else exciting to say about this night except that at one point D got up and did mini jumping jacks because it went along with his story. And the service was spectacular.

Aaaand here’s me and Kelly Purkey because she is ALWAYS ALWAYS my partner in crime:

Also, I am THRILLED it’s about to be the weekend. CAN I GET A WITNESS.

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Well hello there, cake balls. Yep, that’s what they are. White cake in chocolate with sprinkles. They look a little like this:

Missy and I had sushi for dinner last week in Williamsburg and we wanted a little something sweet afterward. We went into a Louie G’s thinking we’d get ice cream but when the man behind the counter asked, “Ice cream or cake, ladies?” we had to ask what our cake options were. And one of them were cake balls! Three for $5. Sold! I wish they were chocolate on the inside instead of vanilla, but they were a perfect little snack with some milk. And perfectly cute too!

Also the main guy, Joe Glaser, is a contestant on Next Great Baker on TLC. Missy asked him for spoilers but he couldn’t give us any. He was cool. Good luck, Joe!

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Hello, beautiful. This is a drink at the beautiful Union Square Cafe. When Robert was here, he wanted to go to as many Danny Meyer restaurants as possible, so I tagged along for some of them. Now don’t be fooled by the girlie colors of this drink because this beverage is not for the faint of heart. It was actually quite strong. I can’t tell you what was in it because the cocktail menu is not online but I can tell you it was lunch and on the lower left hand side of the menu. And I appreciated it.

This was the gnocchi, which was kind of like pasta marshmallows. I’ve had gnocchi before, but I’m not sure if I ever had it this fluffy. This was very good and I stole the last bite for sure. Also, the bartender told us if we ever come back, we need to try more pastas, so I’m hoping to do that at some point because I really liked Union Square Cafe.

This was the beef sirloin carpaccio with crispy artichokes. I am a beef carpaccio fan.

And then the most amazing thing was. Robert and I barely glanced at the dessert menu but I told him that at some point in the day I did want dessert. We didn’t order any and then voila! The bartender brought us out this amazing goodness:

Warm chocolate brownie custard with coffee ice cream and Kahlua caramel sauce. Yes, please. It was so nice of the bartender to bring it to us, I was really so impressed. And it was the exact dessert I would have picked out for myself. Mmm. So I really like Union Square Cafe. I also really like sitting at the bar. It should become my new thing. Become a lady who lunches at Union Square Cafe. Oh, I’ll be back. I don’t know when, but I’ll be back.

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So when I was at Red Hook Lobster Pound with Kelly the other night, we did not get their homemade whoopie pies (Kelly goes, “They’re HUGE!”). Instead, we went on a little adventure afterward to downtown Brooklyn. I’ve walked around downtown Brooklyn… never. I always knew of its existence and that there was a Trader Joe’s but… downtown Brooklyn is cute! I said to Kelly, “Why don’t you live here?” and she said, “Why don’t YOU live here?” Hehe. I’m never giving up my park, btw. Well, hopefully I never have to.

Anyway, what you’re looking at above is a maple ice cream sundae from Blue Marble. Have you had maple ice cream before? Me neither. I didn’t even know what is was going to taste likeĀ  but it tasted like maple heaven. The flavor wasn’t too strong in where I wanted to kill myself and it was PERFECTLY complimented by the hot fudge, nuts and whipped cream.

(Btw there is another Blue Marble a neighborhood away from my apartment and I went there once with my friend Joe. Maybe twice actually. Where is Joe? He needs to be on my blog again.)

Bon weekend!

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Welcome back to City Mitten: New York City! Wahoo! And this post includes my dear friend P who I have not seen enough of lately! Before I left for Germany and Prague, we had dinner at Blue Smoke, where I have been dying to eat ever since having an amazing Blue Smoke barbeque sandwich at a Mets game this summer.

We had dinner and drinks and I interrupted the people next to us to find out what brand of glasses the girl was wearing (Men’s Prada, btw) and it was great. Blue Smoke is a busy, busy restaurant and there were a thousand suits since it’s so close to midtown. I was all about dessert and when P said his favorite dessert is banana cream pie I thought A) boring and B) I had a banana for breakfast, but I thought we’d give it a shot this time and I am glad!

The crust was perfect, the banana was perfect (and not tooo banana-y, if you can imagine) and the frosting was perfect, too! Btw there was all this talk a while back about Blue Smoke opening a bakery inside the restaurant and it’s really the funniest thing. It’s just a counter near the front door with a few baked goods on display. And actually there were people standing in front of it buying stuff, so I couldn’t get the greatest look. But very interesting! So the banana cream pie is really good. Oh, and they have ribs too.

(Btw the ribs are good, the pickles are good, but the mac and cheese is a leeeetle too soupy for me.)

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I promised Emily a gelato tour when she was here, but she was only here for two days so what was I to do?! Take her to L’Arte del Gelato of course, inside Chelsea Market. Kelly, my homegirl, says it’s her favorite and I’ve been dying to compare it to Grom so here you go:

L’Arte del Gelato seems to have simpler flavors than Grom. Or I just couldn’t tell what it was to begin with and I didn’t want to ask. I had stracciatella, which is like chocolate chip, and the other flavor I believe was just chocolate or espresso or something. One thing I like better about Grom is that you can read what is in all of them before you decide which ones you want to try. At L’Arte del Gelato (and most gelato shops), your guess is as good as mine and I really hate asking the employees about a thousand different flavors when there are a thousand people waiting in line. So I just pick one and hope for the best. Which is probably why I went with stracciatella, which is not very exciting.

Now Emily on the other hand – hers was legit:

Emily had pear and something else. But no one cares about the something else because the pear was ABSOLUTELY amazing! And I normally don’t care about fruity flavors when it comes to ice creamy type things. But pear! Oh man! I need to go back and only try the fruit flavors, apparently, and one that I will try will be pear. So now you know.

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This is my friend Leah who I’ve known since we were little kids in church and we went to school together from fifth grade on and now she’s here in NYC for her first time ever! Our first stop (after a slice of pizza) was The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, for my 800th time, but my first time in Brooklyn. Doug parked in Park Slope which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. So that’s what we did. Ate Big Gay Ice Cream while sitting on a random stoop in Park Slope. I love it! And I’m so excited for our adventures for the rest of this weekend!


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Ice cream cookie sandwiches! Woo woo! Warning: the following post will be about ice cream too, wheee!

So the other night Kelly and I went to Milk and Cookies in the West Village. I didn’t even know this place existed. And it’s so cute! You pick out your cookies and your ice cream and viola ice cream cookie sandwich:

I’ve mentioned before that I worked at an ice cream shop in East Lansing, Mich. back in the day. We were famous for our ice cream cookie sandwiches, which we would freeze so when you took a bite the ice cream didn’t go everywhere. At Milk and Cookies since they make it in front of you, my ice cream tried to escape when I took a bite. But it was still delicious. I chose the double chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream which is called the “penguin.” Kelly got the same thing.

Add another West Village spot to my list.

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I can talk about my professional life in my blog a little bit, right?

Here’s the story: I’ve loved The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck for awhile now (Doug is awesome, for one) and when I started working with The Mermaid Inn, I thought, “Hey! Let’s do something together!” And so we did. :)

BGICT was the complimentary dessert in the East Village in exchange for the fortune fish. This is the “Mermaid” they created – a key lime pie sundae! Delicious!

There was some rain, but rain never hurt anyone. Or anyone’s ice cream. :)

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