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I told you we went somewhere else for dessert after Motorino. And Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery it is. David Chang FTW, if you will.

The Milk Bar’s soft serve flavors change all the time. Cereal milk is a standard flavor and right now they also have blueberry muffin, cinnamon bun, and zucchini bread. Soft serve, people. Yes. Nora got zucchini bread and I got blueberry muffin and we both got toasted struesel as a topping and the key is they put it on the top AND the bottom. It’s fabulous and the way things should always be done. Always.

Matty over here got a cereal milk shake with cinnamon bun ice cream I believe:

That’s Matt’s shake face and this is Nora’s soft serve face:

And this picture I just like:

Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery is known for their milks and soft serves but also for their cookies and cakes and pork buns. Yep! They have this most amazing chocolate chip cake that I was able to try back in the day when they sold it by the slice. Now you have to get the whole thing so I’ll have to wait for a special occasion with special people who will appreciate a cake from Momofuku.

Will it be you?

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Not all lobster rolls are made of lobster. This one, for example, is basically a giant cream puff. Cream and strawberry filling sandwiched between two biscuits. And ain’t it purdy?

Mike’s Pastry is a madhouse. I mean look at all the people outside. It’s a complete mobscene inside, too, with all kinds of lines in all kinds of directions. Luckily there was a woman somewhat directing traffic, but there was still the problem of not being able to see anything. There are cases and cases of baked goods and there are so many people you can’t see all the options. You can’t even see half. I tried to do some poking around but there were just too many bodies in the way and you can only push so many people. :)

Mike’s is most famous for their cannolis. Unfortunately, cannolis is one of probably four things that I actually don’t care for. Next time I may try one of their crazy flavors (since they have so many!) but I was not in the mood so I asked what they were second best known for. Ha. And that’s how I got the “lobster roll” above! I ended up carrying it around in my bag for the rest of the day and when we got back to the apartment it was good as new. It was kind of hard to eat, though! But I got the job done. Ended up eating some of it that night and a little bit of it in the morning. The boys thought I was weird to have it for breakfast, but come on now. I’d have ice cream for breakfast.

Anyway, what D and I did order and eat on the spot was something a little more my flavor:

I mean, I don’t know if you can ever go wrong with cheesecake. And chocolate chips happen to be one of my top ten favorite things in the world so it was basically perfect. D rarely eats dessert and he ate almost the whole thing. Mmm. Yeah, that was good.

Another thing I really liked about Mike’s was the packaging:

Isn’t the box so cute?

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So… this is not a cupcake. And that’s because Gracie’s Cupcakes in Naples, Florida has yes, cupcakes, but also: ice cream! And that’s what we wanted. You actually wouldn’t believe all the trouble we went through to find a decent non-chain place to get ice cream. And the cupcakes looked good too:

Who doesn’t love sprinkles?

Anyway, Gracie’s is our new ice cream and cupcake shop in Flor-i-duh. Emily and I had mocha chip ice cream, or something to that affect. It was very nice. And they had all kinds of cupcakes. They had a binder with pictures of special orders they had done and some were really neat and/or beautiful. Em bought some mini cupcakes to take home on the plane.

Yesterday I didn’t post because I ended up staying out ridiculously late the night before and by the time I made my way through the bizzaro world of MTA service changes and got back to my apartment it was Game Over. That means there’s just one more Naples post left for next week.

Last night I met up with some people to dine at Applewood in Park Slope, two of which are also foodbloggers so it was a VERY interesting experience that I can’t wait to tell you about next week! Have a good weekend and GO MICHIGAN STATE!

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Guess what? I freaking love Oysters.

So here are some really dark ones that I had at Marlow & Sons when I was on another date with Kelly Purkey (whose first and last name sound so good together I pretty much always say the whole thing). We decided next time we might bring boys.

I actually couldn’t remember if I liked oysters or not when I ordered them but once I had one, I remembered the last time I had them at DBGB Kitchen and Bar. And they were good. So I like Oysters. They have $1 oysters at the Mermaid Inn and now that I definitely know I like them, I may be hitting up that deal.

So Marlow & Sons. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There are wayyyy too many good restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It pains me.

Marlow & Sons is too cute. I need to go there for a lunch one day or something so you can see how truly beautiful it is. The front part is a general store with all kinds of candy and who knows what else, but it is too cute!

For dinner, Kelly and I each ordered the same thing: risotti with short rib. Mmm hmm.

There was a salad on top, a layer of short rib, followed by a layer of risotto. I would say we were pretty pleased. We were also starving. But I would order it again even if I wasn’t.

Another thing I would order again: the chocolate tart with sea salt.

Whomever came up with the idea of adding sea salt to chocolate is a freaking genius. I tried a Mast Brothers candy bar like that before and almost died. So this chocolate tart was delicious. I do have a question though: what exactly is a tart? I was thinking this would be more pastry-like, not that I wasn’t at all pleased when it came out more like a hard chocolate/caramel pie. The crust was super chocolately and super crumbly and the rest was like two layers of hard chocolate with caramel in between. Pretty good!

Well now I know why everybody and their brother talks about Marlow & Sons. And this is why I go to dinner with Kelly:

And because AS I WAS TYPING THIS, she emailed me a picture she took with her fancypants camera of me and some glorious artwork on our walk back to the subway after dinner:

Williamsburg, What?! I love it.

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Uh oh, City Mitten might have some bad news for ya. Bad news is this may be the first restaurant post that I’m not going to rave the entire time. In fact, I’m going to start with a rant. And it may make me sound a little bit like a snob, but Lisa and I went to Mesa Grill for lunch this week and we both decided this must be done.

First of all, Bobby Flay is famous. Mesa Grill is his first restaurant. The food is phenomenal. Phenomenal. I enjoyed everything. But the service sucks.

I’ve been to many a nice restaurant in New York. And few times have I had to wait for a table when I had a reservation. In fact, this was only my second time. And my very first for a lunch. A lunch. That’s just absurd.

The main point is that at Mesa Grill you do not feel like you’re being taken care of. And at a high caliber restaurant, you should. Restaurant Week or not. Lisa had to make some major effect to flag the server down for another glass of wine. That shouldn’t happen. Our tablecloth was dirty. They gave us eachother’s desserts. And what really bothered me is that when they gave us clean flatware for our dessert, they put it onto our dirty table cloth! They’re supposed to use one of those little knives and clear off the table cloth for you, but nope, there’s my brand new fork on top of all our crumbs. Perfect!

Ha. It was funny because I’m really not a snob. Sure, I have my moments, but you all know my favorite restaurants are kitschy and laid-back, not stuffy and pretentious. But when you’re going to a famous chef’s restaurant and the prices are high, the whole experience should be above par.

End of rant. Let’s talk about the food. As I said, it was phenomenal. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Spicy salmon tartare. I am in love with tartare. It is so good. The best I’ve had was tuna tartare at Kittichai last year, but this was simply delicious. Had just the perfect amount of spice, too.

Cornmeal crusted chili relleno. I’m glad Lisa ordered it because I was just curious what it looked like. And now for me:

Mahi mahi! I think the last time I had mahi mahi was on a family vacation in California. Not sure why. Because it is very good. One thing I like a lot about Bobby Flay is the presentation and the color, as well as the fact that the flavors are strong. He’s got that part right.


Chocolate peanut butter flan with Kahlua whipped cream. Lisa got the pineapple upside down cake but kept stealing mine because it was better. So rich and creamy and just good!

One final note: I hate restaurants (in general) where they have to move the table in order for you to get in. Sometimes the tables are wayy too close together. I mean I’m not teeny tiny by any means, but I can’t imagine being larger and trying to squeeze into one of those things. And then once you’re in, you’re trapped. Especially when the tables on both sides are occupied. It was a little hysterical when I tried to get out when we were finished, but more so because nobody bothered to help me. Except Lisa, of course. Ha. I told you, I’m not a fan of the service at Mesa Grill. Just the food.

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Welcome to Winter Restaurant Week in New York City. It started last week and continues through this week (and perhaps beyond if some restaurants extend it, which wouldn’t be tooo shocking). So, let’s have a go, shall we? First up was Tocqueville.

Sometimes I think Restaurant Week is only for middle-aged women, but I think it depends on where you chose to go. I went to Megu last year for Winter Restaurant Week and it was filled with nothing but hotshot couples. But at Tocqueville… well, you can see for yourself.

The complimentary cheese biscuits (which I’m sure is not what they are actually called) were a nice touch.

This is the squash soup which was bright yellow and not orange, as my camera suggests. (MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONTH SOMEBODY BUY ME A BETTER CAMERA.)

Lisa’s app: duck. And yes, that looks like spam behind it.

And now for main courses:

This is the ravioli, which, when they put it in front of me, I was totally like wtf. I mean what is that? Well, once I took my fork to stab it, I realized it was just one giant ravioli! That slippery thing on the bottom was one giant noodle. I don’t think noodle is the right word. Hmm… But it was basically a giant open-faced ravioli. And it was interesting.

Now this is funny. Since this was last week and I did not take notes or upload the pictures right away (lesson learned!) I could not for the life of me remember what Lisa’s main course was. So I texted her and she replied, “that beef thing.” So there you have it, “that beef thing” from Tocqueville. Oh, I am bringing ALL the high brow today! I will tell you that Lisa let me try her “beef thing” and it was better than my ravioli. Just so you know.

And now what really matters: DESSERT!

Okay, so far in my life and the Restaurant Weeks I’ve participated in, I can tell you my favorite desserts have been from Gotham Bar & Grill and Kittichai. They were chocolate cake and they were good. I’m going to throw in Mercer Kitchen on that list too.

Anyway, Tocqueville was pretty good. It was a chocolate “torte” and I liked it. It was tiny.

I lalso earned something very important about myself when I was at Tocqueville: I hate Port. It’s discusting.

Okay, so Tocqueville was pretty good but honestly not good enough to write home about. Now, what might have been good enough to write home about was the LOBSTER the woman at the table next to us ordered. It was quite fragrant and looked pretty nice. Lisa and I kept staring at it. The woman, obviously, was not ordering off the Restaurant Week menu. Fancy lady with her real New York accent.

And guess what, tomorrow I have a fancy dessert to tell you about that I absolutely loved from another restaurant. And it wasn’t chocolate cake! Stay tuned…

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Um, would you like some cheesecake? I would. After Friday night, I spent the entire weekend being lazy watching movies at my friend’s apartment and all I wanted was something sweet. This little darling is from Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, a place I tried with my mom a few months ago. I’d heard many a good things about this place so I made her check it out with me the last time she came to visit. She’s a big fan of Junior’s and I wanted her to try something new.

The good: the little cupcake shape and the graham cracker crust.

The bad: it wasn’t “cheesey” enough for her.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a big fan of Junior’s too, but I pretty much only get it when I’m with her cause it’s just sooo heavy. If she’s lucky, maybe I’ll bring one to Detroit for Thanksgiving. :)

But Eileen’s is definitely something worth checking out. Besides that little baby on the top, I got myself an oreo one to take home and have later. Anything with an oreo crust can’t be too bad.



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