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Last night me and some girliecakes (plus Chad) went to the Brooklyn Beard Fest and Stache Bash at The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The best part about it were these pillows you could buy. The second best part was the people with beards, of course, cause I like that, and the third best part would be chocolate peanut butter pretzel cupcakes from Robicelli’s. They had these cupcakes at Bell House last time for the BK Bloggers meet up (btw – somebody schedule round two, plz).

Here’s me and my ladies and our peanut butter chocolate pretzel cupcakes or whatever. There was also an Elvis flavor with bacon and I forget the other option, we all went for the pb choc pretzel. People are all a-twitter about Robicelli’s, for real. And it is good. But what does a lady gotta do to get her cupcake room temperature?

Oh, and by the wayyyyy… the top picture is of Missy making two cupcakes kiss. Cause what else would we be doing?

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