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The other day we ventured over to KaDeWe, a really huge and really nice department store in Berlin. We checked out their gourmet floor which had all kinds of fish and meats and desserts and everything else to either purchase to take home or have them prepare it for you right there. People were drinking wine and beer and watching as their food was being made fresh in front of them. It was crazy though. We couldn’t read any signs, everyone was moving really fast and we couldn’t make sense of the whole process. We were clueless.

We sat at the fish bar for awhile trying to figure out what was going on before my mom decided to ask the youngest chef guy there, “Do you speak English?” “Yes…” So he was really nice and he gave us an English menu and we were able to order successfully.


There is the nice young man we ordered from and here is the grill where all the action was.


Yum, yum, yum. Also, I got a glass of wine. White German wine and my mom says she’s going to start feeding me wine more often.

Here’s our food. Our meals also came with small salads and bread.


Delicious! And I love love wine with dinner. Except this was lunch, so…

Anyway. I was feeling a bit buzzing after that glass of wine. You know I had my smiley face going on and we wandered our way over to the childrens toy section on one of the floors and I found me a new Steiff friend to take home with me from Germany.


Yep, yep. There’s me and my bear. Ok, not the big bear, the little bear. He’s my new friend. I picked him up and carried him around KaDeWe with me before finally purchasing him and now he is sitting on the bed, waiting for me back at the hotel. He is such a dear. I’m going to name him something German… perhaps after one of the areas in the city? But for now I’ve just been calling him “Bear.”


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