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Heyo! Today is MUCH better. Yesterday I had a bit of a ‘tude, if you could not tell.


Today we went on a bike tour with this lovely fella, a part of Fat Tire Bike Tours. Four and a half hours of easy riding through the city, seeing all the sites and learning stuff and seeing naked men in the gay nude area in the park (seriously). And our little tour guide was a handsome one, always was a plus. This picture doesn’t do him justice, he’s half German, half American and all rugged. Haha. So that was fun.

We went alll over town.


One of our stops was a beer garden! I hope I get to go to another while I’m here (hopefully with my German friend Alex who we are meeting up with on Sunday) but it was wayy cool. I got a radler which is half beer, half Sprite, cause let’s be honest, I’m not a huge beer drinker. I like Blue Moon and I used to think I liked Yuengling but that’s pretty much it. So this half beer/half Sprite thing was amazing. It would have been even better if the bees weren’t swarming me but I’d still say it’s pretty good. I wonder if I ordered that in a bar in NY what they would think of me.

We also got some food.


My mother got Nuremberg Sausage that came with fries and that whitish stuff which I thought was cole slaw and maybe it was but it was served warm so who knows. I went for the potato goulash with sausage which was A-mazing and also had lots of veggies.


I’m thinking German food is pretty good so far. I’m also thinking I’m a huge fan of beer gardens.


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