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This is the view when I leave my apartment building in the morning after it snows. I kind of love it. But sometimes, I have to leave it behind. So tomorrow is my birthday and I am on my way to Jamaica with my homegirls from Michigan State. Yay! I am so excited. I’m sure I’ll have a thousand pictures and hopefully I’ll be trying all kinds of food.

Speaking of. This week I went to Cookshop with my friend Melissa. We both started with salads which were deeeelicious and then she had the pan-seared scallops and I had sweet potato agnolotti. But I didn’t take any pictures until we got to this:

The Cookshop Candy Bars. Made of devil’s food cake, hazelnut-chocolate crunch, praline ganache, frozen peanut nougat and a chocolate shell. Oh, and there’s sea salt on top and everyone knows there is no better combination of chocolate and seasalt. So there’s that.

Um, happy birthday to me! My goal of this weekend away is to come back with some freckles. See ya. :)

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The Highline is a pretty cool spot. Everyone should check it out at some point. I’ve been there a few times and after dinner at the Red Cat on Friday, it was the only place to go. And by only place to go I mean, I knew if we walked around for a half hour we’d get exhausted and want to call it a night. And I did not mind that at all. Sometimes I’m really just an old woman.

Anyway, this is one of the fun places on the Highline:

We sat here for a while and watched the cars go by and then this strange man approached us and gave us his entire life story and then some.

Here’s the one picture I took at dinner:

This is the “light tempura of green beans with sweet hot mustard sauce.” And it was kind of fab. The hot mustard sauce definitely had a kick to it, and the crunchy green beans are pretty much a must-try if you go there. We also had some lamb and salmon and I had a Prosecco and muddled strawberry drink. Very nice.

Also, today is Labor Day. Hope you have the day off, too. And actually, I’m going into the office for a hot minute anyway. ;)

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This is my favorite picture of Missy, ever, and she’s made a lot of cameos this week! She used to love ice cream sandwiches at the ice cream shop I worked at in college (which the storefront is now closed! So sad! But they’re still in wholesale/events business!) so imagine her surprise now, when she came across a giant freezer FULL of ice cream sammies at the Jacques Torres in Chelsea Market.

Pretty! And she let us each have a bite when we took it up to the High Line.

Also at Chelsea Market: People’s Pops!

This is Natalie from People’s Pops making some shaved ice, mmmm. She was really nice and I was talking to my peeps telling them about a text I had gotten (and tweeted about) and she goes, “Oh my gosh I just read that on Twitter!” Twitter in real life, folks. :)

On this particular day, the ice pop flavors were Pear-Jasmine, Raspberry-Basil, Blueberry-Cardamom, Apricot & Cream, and Plum-Raspberry. I got the Pear-Jasmine which was really sweet and really yummy:

So basically Chelsea Market is your one-stop shop for everything you’d ever need. Sweets they definitely have covered, especially with Fat Witch Brownie. There’s also a new gelato spot I have to try, as well as several places to get actual meals. And an Anthropologie! See, you’re all set. Won’t have to leave Chelsea Market for life.

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