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I have loved Kasey Chambers since my freshman year of college, when I discovered her song, “Am I Not Pretty Enough” which spoke to me for whatever reason. Not everyone gets it. Andrea, my friend from college, she gets it. We’d sing Kasey ballads in the car as we drove all over East Lansing and went through different boys (or they went through us).

Kasey is an Australian folk artist and I had the chance to see her last year at the Highline with my friend Lucy. And last week she called me up to tell me Kasey was gonna be back here this Tuesday! I couldn’t believe I had missed that somehow, because she really is one of my top 5 female artists. Make that top 3.

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She tours with her father, Bill, and her husband, Shane Nicholson, both of whom she has albums with. And she’s amazing. Something about her voice, it is like none other. Totally original.

Lucy thinks some of her old songs are “too sad” but I love them which may be kind of strange because really, I haven’t been hurt too bad in my life. Yeah, there’s been jerks and assholes here and there and I’ve been really disappointed by some people (friends and otherwise) but I’ve never really been hurt. Still, I don’t mind being miserable every once in a while. I think it’s good for you. Do I sound crazy? I don’t think I am. :)

She played Joe’s Pub which is really not a Pub at all. When Lucy told me it was there I was imagining tin pails with peanuts in them on all the tables. Seriously. But it was nothing of the sort. It was nice and intimate and we were probably some of the youngest people in the room. Kasey told really funny stories about growing up with her dad and about life now with her husband and their kids. We had a great table too, right in the center of it all. Of course there was a minimum so we got some wine and chocolate cake and for the record; Highline has good chocolate cake, Joe’s Pub does not. Anyway, she was great and her husband compliments her very well, both musically and personally (well, from what you can gather in two one and half hour concerts and the lyrics in their songs). I wish they played all night and I really wish she would have played more of my favorites like “Nullarbor Song” and “Million Tears.”

But it was still fantastique.

After the show, we went to find the restrooms and lo and behold, Miss Kasey Chambers was standing right there talking to a fan or two. So I made the photo op happen. She was so nice and she talked to me for a few minutes. I told her how we had saw her last year at the Highline. I didn’t tell her how in college (and let’s be honest, even now) I felt like people could maybe understand a whole other side of me if they just listened to her songs.


I love Kasey. She’s got a great spirit, amazing music and a wicked accent.

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