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If I had my own cupcake shop, it would have an awesome name. That goes without saying. When I say the sign for, “Hello Cupcake,” in D.C. I thought, “Hey, that’s me!”

In college when I was a designer for The State News, we created a page of valentines for people to cut out and I drew a picture of a cupcake for mine with the simple text, “Hey there, cupcake.” It was cute.

So I like cupcakes. Another thing I like: oreos. So a cookies and cream cupcake has got to be tried. Crumbs has some sort of oreo something cupcake but we all know what I think of that. This cupcake wasn’t just a cookies and cream on top, the batter was cookies and cream too. And that’s sweet. Anyway, Hello Cupcake is cute and the cookies and cream cupcake is pretty good. They have so many crazy options, my friend Ryan was blown away:

Sophia was pleased too:

Helloooo cupcake. In other news, today is my baby sister Sambe’s 21st birthday! So happy birthday, Sambe! She’s also coming to NYC this weekend with some friends and it’s gonna be bomb. :)

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