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I have been a bad blogger. This game feels like a million years ago already but I think it was only last week!

A couple of reasons I’ve been a bad blogger:

1) Blogging is expensive. Ok – only my kind of blogging, because I like to talk about restaurants. And in order to talk about restaurants, you have to go to restaurants… and who is paying for that? This girl! So I had to cool it for awhile. Actually, the past three weeks I’ve gone out to eat a total of maybe three times. It’s been crazy. I have a good restaurant for tomorrow’s post though.

Reason 2) Work. Okay, honestly that’s not as big as reason number 1) but work has been crazy crazy these past few weeks. Side note that sort of relates: I’m kind of dying to eat some oysters right now.

But welcome back to the bloggy blog life of Amanda. I’m happy to have you here.

The above picture is from when the Michigan State Spartans (what up) came to Madison Square Garden to play against Syracuse. There was a lot of orange in that stadium, that’s for sure. And it was kind of gross. And then we got killed.  And it was embarrassing. But I’ll always love my Sparty. Can you spot him down there?

Sparty is such a big man. Kelly and I went down to the sidelines to meet him and get our picture with him, which is something I can now cross off my bucket list (seriously). So that was fun. I also like to take pictures of Missy cheering:

So yeah. I hope MSU comes back to play at MSG again and I hope this time we beat some butt. Go Green!

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