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FYI, as you’re reading this I am actually on a plane on my way back from Amsterdam (we went back for one day before heading back to the US). But this post is about one of my last days in Berlin. Also, this photo is not of Alexander Platz. Alexander Platz has been one of the major points in this trip, it’s kind of the center of everything and it’s also the first place my German friend Alex took us when we saw him on Sunday. Alex in Alexander Platz. There you go.

Here we are at Alexander Platz:


The first picture in this post is the Charlottenburg Palace, which according to Alex, I should be moving into soon. I was nice enough to let my mom pick out her very own room to live in it too, even though he suggested most of the rooms should be filled with my household staff. Sure, that sounds nice.

This palace was quite a surprise though. When we got there it was closed for tours of the interior but we walked around the side and were able to explore the giant garden and park behind it. It was the kind of palace and garden you see in the movies, the ones where there’s drama and women running away in their long, fancy dresses. But this garden was open to the public and there were people running around it and dogs and tourists and people just sitting there reading a book. It was lovely.




My mom and Alex are best friends now. It was so cute when he introduced himself to my mom. He was like, “Hello, Mrs. S., I am Alexander Lehmann.” Oh, if you’re wondering how I know this Alexander Lehmann, I met him when he was on holiday this summer in New York. And now we hang out in Germany. The world is not so big!


After exploring the palace grounds we went to another area in Berlin, one we wouldn’t have even known existed had it not been for Alex driving us there in his fancy car. How nice it is to ride around in a car in the city. Berlin, New York… it makes no difference, anytime being in a car is a treat. We got some German food, drank some German beers. This time my mom got some raspberry beer and I got my beer with Fanta. Yum!

So it was a very good day. Thanks, Alex, for being our tour guide.

And now, I am on my way back to New York! YAY! See you soon!

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